Technical parameters:

1. Frame: 26 "drip pipe frame

2. Support: double support

3. Mud board: White princess round board 4 holes

4. Wheel disc: 40t bright five claws

5. Chain cover: imitation cover

6. Central axis: 5S (new square of sample)

7. Baking paint: high grade baking paint

8. Saddle tube: electroplate

9. Handlebars: all aluminum small swallow handlebars

10. Flywheel: 16t British

11. Baili: aluminum alloy Baili

12. Flower Drum: galvanized thick pipe

13. Handle cover: blue permanent

14. Spokes: 14#

15. Brake wire: three sets of silver laser wires

16. Rim: 26 durable aluminum alloy

17. Front gate: 4mm81 clamp type gate

18. Brake handle: 28P durable semi aluminum brake handle

19. Rear gate: permanent silver 80

20. Inner tube: mezui butyl rubber 26x150

21. Car seat: special soft bread seat

22. Outer tube: Chaoyang outer tube 26x150

23. Seat tube: Black plating quick removal

24. Foot: Black 2027 durable foot

25. Nailing: widening and quick removal

26. Car ladder: single full lock

27. Coat hanger: Silver coat hanger

28. Color: Public Security blue + white

29. Others: with warning signs;

30. Executive standard: GB / t3566-93 bicycle assembly requirements

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Powered by: www.300.cn

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