Technical parameter

1. Boundary dimension:

Closing: 780 * 380 * 12 mm (L * w * h) flat

Development: 780 * 380 * 1350mm (L * w * h) vertical ground (including the height of warning light)

2. Sign text: Police temporary inspection, traffic control, accidents ahead, no overtaking

3. Reflective night vision distance: ≥ 260m

4. Wind resistant performance: reflective, matrix perforated wind resistant design, temporary inspection warning signs can be placed in place to resist 17m / s wind.

5. Waterproof grade of warning light: I P 65

6. Weight: 10 kg (including the weight of warning light)

7. External auxiliary warning light: 315mm long x 80mm wide x 45mm thick

Material: aluminum lamp holder + polycarbonate lamp cover + 12 0.5W LED lamp beads, built-in rechargeable 4000ma lithium battery pack

Power: 2.4W, continuous working time: more than 50 hours;

Weight: 1.0kg

Warning distance: the visual distance can be more than 400m under the driving condition of 120 km / h.

Product features:

1. The outer frame is made of high-strength steel, which is not easy to deform and age, and is firm and durable;

2. The guide plate material shall be thickened aluminum plate and national standard reflective film, with good warning effect;

3. The two guide plates are individual and can be turned over freely and disassembled quickly;

4. Diversified combination to meet early warning requirements;

5. The product shall be placed stably and designed against wind;

6. High quality national standard reflective film is adopted, with clear warning and guidance contents, and the visual distance can reach 260 meters under the condition of 120 km / h driving speed;

7. The product portfolio is convenient, small and light. It can be easily put into the tail box of patrol car and survey car. It can be quickly deployed and folded to meet the requirements of rapid early warning.




Screen parameters:

Screen size: 690 * 340 * 60MM

Weight: 9.0kg ± 0.5kg

Power supply: 1) internal high-quality 18650 lithium battery pack power supply

2) External AC 220V to DC 12V municipal power supply

3) Equipped with DC 12V to DC 5V on-board power supply

Current: 1.5 A / Max

Working temperature: - 10 ℃ - + 60 ℃

Charging time: 8-10 hours

Working time: more than 15 hours

Screen fixing mode: adjustable triangle support, with horizontal locking device, to ensure that the supporting screen equipment is windproof and does not swing left and right

Charger is required, which can be used for on-board and 220V mains chargin

Warning light parameters:

1) Basic color: red and blue

2) Light source form: high power and high brightness LED strobe

3) Service life: ≥ 100000 hours

4) Sight distance of warning light: ≥ 1000M

Technical parameters of LED module:

Module size (mm): 640 * 160

Pixel spacing (mm): 10 mm

Pixel density (point / m2): 1000

Pixel composition: 1R

Module resolution: 32 * 16

Maximum power (w / m2): 700

Average power (w / m2): 200-300

Brightness (CD / m2): ≥ 3500

Refresh frequency: 480HZ

IP protection grade: IP65

Viewing angle: the best viewing angle is 90-130 degrees horizontally, 30-45 degrees in elevation, and 10-20 degrees in depression

Visual distance of LED display: 200-350m

Brightness uniformity of display module: < 5%

Text entry method: U disk entry (you can change the characters according to your own needs)

Storage content: 200 messages (4 words can be displayed on each message)

Display effect: move left, right, up, still, etc

Brightness adjustment: 16 levels adjustable

Remote control function: turn the subtitle screen on / off and switch the subtitle information

Remote control distance: ≥ 10m

With manual control function

Pixel out of control rate: < 1 / 100000 (industry standard: < 1 / 10000)

Mean time between failures: > 10000 hours

Service life: > 100000 hours

Operating environment temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃

Operating environment humidity: 10% - 90%

Tripod parameters:

Material: steel pipe surface black spray anti rust treatment + Red and white reflective film

Steel pipe parameters: main pipe diameter 34mm, wall thickness ≥ 1.5mm;

Main pipe diameter 38mm, wall thickness ≥ 1.2mm

Bottom support pipe diameter 35mm, wall thickness ≥ 2.0mm

Support mode: the tripod is equipped with lateral locking device to ensure that the support screen equipment is windproof and does not swing left and right

Minimum shrinkage height: 84mm ± 10 mm

Maximum extension height: 1560 mm ± 10 mm

Maximum opening angle size: 100mm ± 10 mm

Weight: 5.5kg ± 0.5kg

Carrying mode: shoulder back waterproof nylon cloth cover

Package parameters:

Size: 730mm × 410mm × 150 mm ± 10 mm

Material: aluminum alloy box

Weight: 5.5kg ± 0.5kg




Technical parameter

Deployment specification: 100CM*100CM

Stand width: 90CM

Bag specification: 100*25*16CM

Dry cell: 12V/2200MA*10

LED: 100000 hours, red, blue and white

Visual distance: 500-600m

Power storage time: the battery operates continuously for more than 240h

Charging mode: vehicle lighter charging, mains charging

Reflective material: PVC lattice, high brightness LED

Performance: LED active warning, foldable, easy to carry, outstanding warning effect of bad climate, visual distance 400-1000m.

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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