Sky Eagle 1

Technical parameters:

JTCY-RD alcohol detector (Tianying 1 for short) only has built-in LCD and printer, with 1 alcohol blowing port and 1 USB interface, and built-in DC7.4V lithium battery power supply.

1. The product conforms to the standard of exhaled gas alcohol content tester (GB / T 21254-2007). 2. Air blowing continuity test: ≥ 2.5s;

3. The power consumption of the main engine in standby mode shall not be greater than 80mah;

Display screen: ≤ 2.8 inch color touch display screen;

5. Alcohol sensor: independent modular design, electrochemical fuel cell alcohol sensor;

6. Calibration cycle: 6 months. It can be calibrated directly at a single point on the instrument or connected to a PC;

7. Continuous measurement times: ≥ 1000 times (under reference working conditions);

8. Host battery: the host adopts the customized nominal voltage of 7.4v, 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, ensuring that the working time of the machine is ≥ 8h, and the continuous detection and printing is ≥ 500 times. ;

9. Detection accuracy: ± 2.5mg/100ml (range: < 44mg / 100ml); ± 4.4mg/100ml (44mg / 100ml ≤ range ≤ 88mg / 100ml); ±% 5 (88mg / 100ml < range ≤ 220mg / 100ml); ± 20% (220mg / 100ml < range ≤ 550mg / 100ml).

10. The product has the functions of "active test and passive test";

11. Storage: the host single machine stores more than 20000 pieces of detection information, which can be queried and printed repeatedly at any time, and can be connected to the computer background system through USB;

12. It has the function of directly setting the number of printed copies on the instrument;

13. Blowpipe: the blowpipe can rotate 360 degrees.

14. The product must have the function of inputting necessary information such as license plate number, driver's license number and police number of on duty police;

15. Assembly function: the host and printer can be assembled into one-piece printing, or assembly component type printing, with clear printing, fast speed and long document storage time.

16. When the host has no battery, it can directly use the mains charger or vehicle charger to supply power and work;

17. Clock backup battery: it is required to provide large capacity button battery to ensure that the clock power supply of the machine is more than 2 years, and the battery cover of the host can be opened for convenient replacement.

The test results are displayed in green, yellow and red.

19. Instrument size: the host size is 182mm × 80mm × 34mm;

20. Color: silver white

Performance features:

1. The host adopts a high-performance 32-bit embedded processor with strong processing power;

2. Imported fuel cell alcohol sensor with high reliability is adopted, which only reacts with alcohol and has long service life;

3. Patented gas circuit design, accurate test, good reliability, with active test and passive fast detection function;

4. Professional trumpet blowing nozzle (without blowing pipe) can be used for quick troubleshooting in one second and continuous qualitative detection;

5. The blowpipe adopts anti reverse suction design and can rotate 360 degrees;

6. 2.8-inch large screen 320 × 240 dot matrix color LCD display, full Chinese operation interface;

7. Simple three key operation, can use only one key to complete the whole test process. The whole process of air blowing is indicated directly;

8. Zoom in the measurement results, automatic background color change function;

9. It can input license plate number, driving license number and law enforcement police number on touch screen;

10. Built in Bluetooth, can be controlled by PDA or notebook;

11. GPS positioning function with built-in antenna;

12. It can store 12000 test records, query and print at any time, and all records can be backed up to the background computer for statistical analysis;

13. The built-in super capacity rechargeable lithium battery ensures the continuous operation of the machine for more than 24 hours. The machine can be charged with a municipal charger or a car charger.

★ the product shall provide the inspection report issued by the quality inspection center of the national security alarm system product (Beijing) of the Ministry of public security, the quality inspection center of security and police electronic products after August 2016. Executive standard: GB / T 21254-2007 exhaled gas alcohol content detector.

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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