Technical parameters:

The product consists of 63 tools (including aluminum alloy toolbox), including lighting magnifier, micro microscope, rechargeable white flashlight and other tools.

Mass: 7.62kg

Size: 425mm × 295mm × 175mm

The products include: 1 rechargeable white light flashlight, 1 UV lamp, 1 lighting magnifier, 1 micro microscope, 1 gold powder bottle, 1 silver powder bottle, 1 black magnetic powder bottle, fingerprint brush (1 gray mouse hair fingerprint brush, 1 Magnetic fingerprint brush), 1 fingerprint tape roll,

There are 30 black fingerprint substrates, 30 white fingerprint substrates, 1 red fingerprint printing box, 1 fingerprint printing card on the left and right hands, 2 tire pattern collection pieces, 1 Tweezer (1 stainless steel tweezer, 1 wood tweezer), 1 scalpel handle, 1 surgical blade (10 pieces), 1 brush, 1 qualitative filter paper, 1 gauze, 1 cotton swab, 1 physiological saline bottle, 6 physical evidence bottles, 10 plastic test tubes with cover, 2 disposable syringes, There are 5 small plastic evidence bags, 5 No. 4, 1 scissors, 1 multifunctional pliers, 1 combined screwdriver, 1 barometer, 1 compass, 1 50m fiber tape, 1 5m tape, waterproof chalk (1 red, yellow and white respectively), marker (1 red and black respectively), signing pen, 1 pencil, 1 rubber, 1 pencil knife, 1 triangle board, 1 folder, and drawing pen One recording book, one set of three-purpose compasses, one set of traffic scene drawing template, one set of self-adhesive scale, one set of self-adhesive material evidence label, gloves (two pairs of sweat cloth gloves, one pair of anti cutting gloves, one bag of disposable plastic gloves), five disposable masks, four pairs of disposable shoe covers, five disposable hats, one set of material evidence card [no.1-10], one roll of plastic sealing tape, one aluminum alloy box.

Executive standard: Q / rd36-2018 traffic accident investigation box

★ this product provides the test report issued by the test and test center of the Institute of weaponry and equipment of China weaponry and equipment group and the quality supervision and test center of special products of China weaponry and equipment.

★ Test No.: BJZ (2018) No. 0499

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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