Police dog bullet proof clothes

Technical parameters:

1. Material: polyethylene fiber weft free cloth (four layers of fiber orthogonal)

2. Protection area: 0.15 ㎡

3. Protection level: 1-3

4. Color: Police blue



Parameter configuration and performance description:

The whole set of training equipment includes tactical vest, mouth cage, rubber ball, wooden handle comb, stab proof boot, neck ring, reflective strap, trainer's sleeve, trainer's special equipment bag, anti attack and bite suit, odor identification tank, tracking rope, mobile dog cage and police dog investigation box.


Tactical Vest

Technical parameters:

It is suitable for large dogs such as German animal husbandry; it is limited for police dogs such as public security, armed police and border guard to wear when carrying out tasks.

Main fabric: mesh fabric. The black vest is made of mesh fabric, and the dog's clothes are printed with reflective stickers.

Product color: Black


XL:Length 53cm, width 42cm, bust:78cm-92cm;

L: Length 50cm, width 40cm, bust : 72cm-84cm;

M: Length 40cm, width 33cm, bust: 74cm-60cm;



Mouth cage

Technical parameters:

Material: metal + cowhide,

Specification: horse dog, Demu, Tibetan mastiff, Luowei


Rubber ball

Technical parameters:

Material: Rubber

Color: Red

Specification: 7.5cm


Comb with wooden handle

Technical parameters:

Material: handle wood, metal needle is steel, metal rectangle block is steel (surface chrome plating)

Product material: 26 stitches in total, the length of fine needle body is about 2.3cm, and the overall length is about 10cm.



Stab proof boots

Technical parameters:

Material: cow leather

Specification: m bottom length 8cm, height 13cm, l bottom length 8.5cm, height 13cm, s bottom length 7cm, height 11cm




Technical parameters:

Material: stainless steel

Specification: 3.0mm × 65cm



Reflective straps

Technical parameters:

Material: Nylon + cowhide

Color: Black (excluding traction belt)

Specification: according to the head image, horse dog, Rowe, demer, Labrador, Spencer, adjustable straps



Trainer sleeve

Material: hard shell cowhide + linen

Specification: left and right hands



Trainer special equipment package

Technical parameters:

Equipment package specification: height 16cm, width 10cm, length 23cm

Package contents: odor box, stainless steel folding spade, stainless steel tweezers, 6cm tennis ball, No.4 10 meter tracking rope, anti-skid canvas traction belt, acoustic dog trainer, night tracking indicator light, police dog technology on-site material evidence bag, bamboo cutting flag, multi-functional training waist bag



Anti flutter bite suit

Technical parameters:

Material: tear resistant fabric, good air permeability. The inside is all made of genuine cotton, and the sleeves are cut in the way of bending the moon. Even if the dog bites, it will not bite the arm. After thickening, the bite is stronger and safer.

Weight: 15kg

Color: Black



Odor identification tank

Technical parameters:

Large aluminum odor identification tank

Mouth diameter 10cm, bottom diameter 15cm, thickness 1cm, height 15cm



Tracking rope

Technical parameters:

No.8 tracking rope (10m wax flag rope)

Features: pure cotton material, light, strong and durable.

It is suitable for training dogs to cross obstacles, bridge, endurance run, etc. It is also suitable for all kinds of large and medium-sized dogs with large amount of exercise.

Tracking rope is used for dog's bite, search and traction training, strong and durable. It is suitable for training dogs to cross obstacles, bridge, endurance run, etc. The total length is 10 meters, the diameter is 0.8cm, and the handle length is about 20cm.



Mobile dog cage

Technical parameters:

Material: PP + steel wire

Product size: 100x67x75cm

Package size: 101x69x64cm

Net weight: 11.9kg

Color: gray top + cold gray 10C bottom, cold gray 10C Top + cold gray 10C bottom



Police dog investigation box

Technical parameters:

The police dog technical field investigation box is equipped with all kinds of standard special configuration tools for field protection, odor source extraction, physical evidence preservation, odor preservation, and tracking using the police dog. The on-site odor extractor equipped with the box can effectively extract the on-site odor without damaging the tangible traces of the odor source physical evidence, which greatly facilitates the use of the box in cooperation with other trace investigators. When the police dog technician comes out of the site, he can carry out the relevant on-site operation conveniently with this investigation box and the police dog.

The inner box includes: 1 set of on-site odor extractor, 2 packages of odor absorbent cloth, 1 set of odor cloth clamp, 2 odor storage tanks, 1 set of stainless steel small head tweezers, 1 set of stainless steel scissors, 1 set of on-site record drawing book and pen, (1 set of foot cover, gloves, head cover and mask), 1 set of combination knife, 1 package of physical evidence bag, 1 set of stainless steel spade and shovel, 1 fixed pile, 1 10 meter tracking rope, and 1 at night One tracking indicator, one flashlight, one 200m special warning rope, one compass, one magnifying glass, one 20m tape measure and one full-automatic electronic anti shake digital camera.

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