The intelligent red blue laser simulation countermeasure system is developed and produced according to the actual combat training needs of the army. In the field tactical shooting range, by means of laser simulation shooting, GPS (Beidou) positioning and wireless sensor network, we can monitor the red and blue army confrontation drill in real time. In addition, it can preset the number of red and blue army opponents and their life value in advance, so as to achieve the life value of casualties and exit. Create a real exercise environment, and can evaluate the results and playback analysis.

Main functions:

1. Map display of personnel positioning and control center;

2. Number of people setting (maximum 256 per party);

3. Life value setting (maximum 256, different amount of bleeding in head and chest);

4. Hit indication (sound and light);

5. Map (Interface) shows the situation and playback of both sides in real time;

6. Exit control and display of casualties of both parties;

7. Real time display of drill situation;

8. Result analysis and evaluation;

9. Data storage and replay;

10. The red and blue army has a maximum moving distance of 2.5km and real-time display of moving track in the center;

11. It can be upgraded to the red blue live ammunition training system.



The comprehensive training system consists of Color Bullet training protective clothing, sponge training stick and sponge training shield.


Paintball training protective clothing

Technical parameters:

Material: the outer layer is made of 220g / ㎡ polyester cotton blended fabric, with a length of 160cm; the key protection areas are front chest, back, abdomen, crotch, front knee elbow protectors are made of 6mm thick 300g / ㎡ Blended Elastic Fabric for enhanced protection; the 350mm area below the back shoulder is made of 4mm thick 200g / ㎡ Blended Elastic Fabric for enhanced protection, and the partial buttocks are made of double-layer fabric for enhanced protection. The crotch adopts the protective parts of engineering plastic injection molding to strengthen the protection of the vagina!

Specification: 880mm from the highest point of front shoulder to crotch length, 640mm in front shoulder width and 420mm in waist. The back is 260mm wide, the narrowest point is 410mm wide in the 350mm area below the shoulder, and the height of the full collar protection collar is 120mm. The front knee protector is 280mm long, the widest point is 280mm, the elbow protector is 250mm long and the widest point is 230mm.

Helmet weight: 600g                                                

Protective clothing weight: 1900g / set

Clothing color: white or green

Clothing size: 165#,170#,180#,185#

Safety protection distance: anti 9mm mark bullet distance > 3M

Garment dyeing effect: the mark is clear and easy to find the target.



Sponge training staff

Technical parameters:

1. Specification: length 64cm, diameter 50mm

2. Features: the product is made of high-density sponge and nylon mandrel. The handle is comfortable and firm. It is a good equipment for red man confrontation training and an ideal training equipment for military police in the training process.


Sponge training shield

Technical parameters:

1. Material: high elastic sponge, imitation leather

2. Size: ≥ 80 * 55 * 13cm

3. Features: the product can resist the strike of the training stick, combat tactics training or combat training equipment. The large design and multi-directional grip are firm, which can effectively protect the body of the trainer. It is an ideal training equipment for the military and police in the training process.

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