Main engine

1. Integrated design: the weight of the instrument is no more than 8 kg; it can be used for the quantitative and qualitative detection of the adulteration of beef, sheep, pig, chicken and duck meat and the raw and cooked meat of cooked meat products.

2. Two core technologies, chemical and biological, are used for micro filtration, and according to the national standard GB/T20138-2006, the protection level of the product is higher than ik06.

3. The detection reagent shall have the functions of rapid detection on site and matching with meat rapid detector without the aid of other sample pretreatment equipment; the reagent box shall be provided with disposable consumables to avoid cross contamination, and the reagent shall be kept at normal temperature for one year; the detection results of all detection items shall be provided within 15 minutes.

4. Automatic and fast detection function: automatically store data and edit detection reports, and independently store thousands of detection results.

5. Automatic shutdown function: standby for 5 minutes; do not operate automatic shutdown.

6. Strong expansibility of testing items: it can realize automatic upgrade, that is, the instrument can be upgraded to more testing items (such as veterinary drug residues, lean meat essence and other meat testing items) according to the needs of users.

7. Built-in SOP (standard operation process), without reference to paper instructions.

8. Measurement repeatability: ≤ 1%

9. Measurement time: ≤ 2 seconds

10. Measurement interval: ≤ 2 seconds 

11. Measuring light source: LED light source

12. Sensors: array CMOS

13. Effective image resolution: ≥ 200 × 150

14. Sensor image resolution: ≥ 750 × 480

15. Sensor dynamic range: > 55 DB

16. It can realize the quantitative judgment and display function of users, the storage and view of quantitative data.

17. Power consumption ≤ 50W.

18. ≥ 9.7 inch touch screen, windows operating system or Android operating system

Test item: Meat identification: detection lower limit 10%. Meat maturity: detection lower limit 65 ℃ - 85 ℃

19. Instrument storage: ≥ 16G hard disk, ≥ 1G memory, ≥ 3 USB2.0 interfaces.

20. Power supply: with its own rechargeable battery, it can supply power for not less than 2 hours under working condition; it can also use external power supply for work.

21. Other functions: user self calibration function

Central temperature control water bath

1. Temperature control range: room temperature + 5-100 ℃

2. Temperature control accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃

3. Heating rate: ≥ 4 ℃ / min

4. Protection temperature: customized 120 ℃

5. Timing: 1-999min

6. Heating power: PWM heating ≤ 250W / module

7. Output power: 300W / module

8. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz

9. Noise volume: ≤ 60 dB

10: Single heating module: 96mm × 96mm × 60mm weight: 5kg

★ provide inspection report of Harbin Quality Inspection Institute

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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