Parameter configuration and performance description:

It can be used to detect veterinary drugs, clenbuterol, antibiotics, poppy shells and other rapid detection cards made by colloidal gold method, which are widely used in medical colleges, farms, slaughterhouses, deep processing enterprises of meat products, inspection and quarantine and other units.

4、 Technical parameters:

Test items:

1. Hormone residues (ractopamine, clenbuterol, salbutamol, diethylstilbestrol, etc.)

2. Aquatic product safety (furantoin metabolism, nitrofuracillin metabolism, furantone metabolism, furazolidone metabolism, malachite green, chloramphenicol)

3. Antibiotic residues (sulfonamides, quinolones, quinolones, etc.)

4. Poppy shells

5. Width of test strip: 2-6mm

6. Screen: real color touch screen

7. Detection channel: single channel

8. Test results: semi quantitative and quantitative test results can eliminate invalid test results, save data results and original scanning curves, and print concentration results and concentration units

9. Test item parameters: users can read the configuration parameters of the instrument from the instrument function options

10. Test result report: it can accurately report the concentration of the tested substance, display on the touch screen, and output through the built-in printer of the instrument

11. Connection mode: USB interface, serial port, network port

12. Auxiliary function: built in WiFi module

13. Measurement principle: photoelectric measurement of reflected attenuation signal strength (scanning)

14. Detection speed: 240 times / hour

15. Repeatability: Dr value is no more than 1% (standard card)

16. Instrument batch difference: within 3% (standard card)

17. Data transmission: USB and network port

18. Screen display: 10 inches

19. LED light source wavelength: 450nm ~ 475nm

Automatic and accurate recognition of CT line position, error correction range up to ± 3mm;

12V low-voltage power supply, supporting the use of vehicle power, customized models can be built-in rechargeable batteries;

20. Shell: ABS material

★ provide inspection report of Shenzhen Institute of measurement and quality inspection

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