Equipment features:  

1) Using leading backscatter imaging technology:

Backscatter technology refers to the use of low-energy X-rays to irradiate a point of the object to be tested, and the detector collects the scattered back rays to get the information of this point. The X-ray machine can scan the whole object through the flying point scanning system, so that the image of the whole object can be obtained. Because the X-ray machine and detector are arranged on the same side, the equipment structure is compact and the arrangement is convenient. It can detect the objects close to the wall or thick, which makes up for the defects of ordinary transmission X-ray detection.

2) High integration, simple operation, single person operation:

The equipment detection and control part is integrated design, and the body size is only 305mm * 208mm * 135mm. The control part is the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet computer. When it is used, it turns on the image acquisition function of the software. The handheld device aims at the object to be detected, holds the handle with both hands, and presses the acquisition button on the handle to work, and the single person can complete all the detection work. During the operation, the operator can see the image of the instrument facing the internal structure of the area on the tablet computer. The handheld device scans the area to be detected, and the scanned image can be seen immediately. It can detect objects in any direction and angle without dead angle and blind area.

3) Good image quality, easy to distinguish organic and inorganic matters:

Because of the characteristics of X-ray scattering, backscattering technology is naturally sensitive to explosives, drugs and other organic matters, and can clearly distinguish organic matters and inorganic matters. While carrying forward this advantage, our products, with strong technical strength, optimize the equipment structure and control the equipment volume, make the image effect reach the world's leading level, with 0.32mm distinguishable metal wire and excellent noise control. The image quality is obviously better than that of similar foreign products

4) Large detection area, superior performance and excellent workmanship

The detection area of the equipment is large, when it is 5cm away from the object, the visual field width is 160mm, the length direction is scanning direction, there is no distance limit, and the scanning speed can reach 60mm / s at most. If the equipment is pulled far away from the inspected object, the detection area can be further expanded. The total weight of the equipment is about 7.5kg, which is convenient to hold. Aluminum magnesium alloy shell, solid structure, excellent workmanship.

5) Low radiation dose, long endurance:

The radiation dose is only 0.32 μ SV / h, which is only 0.2 μ SV / h higher than the background radiation. It is suitable for long-term hand-held use. External lithium battery, with a endurance of 2.5 hours, can be replaced quickly.

Main purpose of the equipment:

1) House safety inspection: it can detect the walls, desks, chairs and furniture in the house, scan whether there are mezzanine in them, and secretly record and eavesdrop equipment.

2) Temporary card security inspection: it is light and portable. When temporary card is set, it can check the bags, tires, seats and mezzanine, bulk goods or packed wooden boxes at any time to see whether there are prohibited or dangerous articles.

3) Suspected explosives: suspicious objects in the corner, against the wall or in the air can be scanned without moving the suspicious objects.

4) Inspection of large parcels: large parcels can be inspected directly on the mail sorting line without moving the inspected items and without thickness limitation.

5) Site security inspection: in addition to the inspection of luggage, it can also check the suspicious parts of human body, sole and other places that are not easy to check.




Parameter configuration and performance description:

This product is a solid, ergonomic and hand-held back reflection X-ray machine. Even though it passes through 12 layers of 2mm thick measuring steel plate, twice the thickness of the standard automobile body plate, hidden explosives, narcotics or other contraband can be found more quickly and economically. The hbi-120 weighs just 6.6 pounds (3.0 kg). A small, built-in 120 keV light source emits X-ray raster scanning pencil beam to scan suspicious objects, thus forming an image. When the hand-held hbi-120 sweeps the object, the real-time two-dimensional back reflection X-ray image of the object will be stored in the memory of the instrument on the high-resolution semi reflective LCD touch screen on the hbi-120.

Before the old portable X-ray machine scans, the X-ray emission module and the detection module need to be aligned and placed separately (the emission module is on one side of the object, and the detection module is on the other side of the object). Sometimes this placement is difficult to achieve, and X-ray scanning can no longer be carried out close to the ground. Usually, a portable X-ray machine can scan 6x8 inches (15x20 cm) at a time, and the scanning time is about a few minutes. The hbi-120 can scan smaller or larger objects, and immediately see the internal situation. It can scan one square foot (30x30 cm) of suspicious objects hidden in car fenders, doors, bumpers, exhaust pipes, dashboard, seats and tires every second. In a few seconds, it can be found that the portable explosives hidden in backpacks are explosives (IED) or similar explosives, no matter in corners or near the ground.

★ weight: 3. Kg (6.6 lb) - including battery pack

★ size: 24cm x 22cm X 17cm

★ scanning rate: up to 30 cm (12 ") / s 15 cm (6") / S - the best image effect

★ penetration capacity: ≥ 2mm steel

★ battery: rechargeable lithium battery pack, 4 hours under standard working cycle

★ display: semi reflective 720 x 1280 pixel LCD color touch screen

★ image features: image splicing, automatic and manual histogram equalization

★ X-ray light source: 120 keV, 5W X-ray light source with X-ray optical lens of heuresis

★ data storage: > 10000 image scanning

★ data management: heuresis data management software (HDMs)

★ standard accessories: lockable waterproof box with wheels

Multi direction adjustable safety belt

110 / 220 V AC battery charger and backup battery

Quick Start Guide

User manual

Electronic training materials

★ operating conditions: - 40 ° C (– 40 ° f) to 60 ° C (140 ° f), splash proof and dust-proof. 

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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