Technical index

Light source: imported long-life tungsten lamp

Wavelength range: 325-1000nm

wavelength accuracy: ± 2nm

wavelength repeatability: ≤ 0.5nm

wavelength resolution: ± 0.1nm

optical stability: ≤±0.002A /30min (after 500nm preheating)

photometric range: 0-200% T, - 0.3-3a, 0-9999 C

photometric accuracy: ±0.5%T

photometric repeatability: ≤0.3%T

sample room: multi-functional color comparator, with a maximum capacity of 50mm cuvette

measurement error: ≤± 5% or ± 10%

storage space: 50000 sets of test data

number of curves: more than 180

display mode: 7-inch full color LCD touch screen

operation mode: touch screen full graphic human-computer interactive operation

printing mode: thermal line printing

communication interface: standard RS232

power supply mode: 220V

Detection of food range

1. Vegetables, fruits and agricultural products: pesticide residues, nitrite, nitrate, sulfur dioxide, heavy metal lead

2. Meat and meat products: borax, nitrite, pigment, index of diseased meat, index of deteriorated meat

3. Aquatic products, aquatic products: formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, opal, borax, arsenic

4. Dairy products, dairy products, honey: protein, milk acidity, amylase, fructose, glucose, sucrose

5 alcohol and beverage: methanol, ethanol, formaldehyde, pigment

9. Edible oil and grain: acid value, peroxide value, malondialdehyde, aged grain, benzoyl peroxide

10. Condiments: amino acid nitrogen, iodine content, total acid, taste, salinity

11. Additives: pigment, sorbic acid, saccharin sodium, trimethylamine nitrogen

nstrument characteristics

2. According to the latest national standards and rapid detection methods, it can detect a variety of harmful additives or residues in various foods quantitatively;

4. * imported long-life tungsten lamp is adopted, full wavelength of visible light can be selected, which is convenient for users to expand more detection items and ensure detection accuracy;

5. Advanced digital control and data processing technology ensure the stability of light source and the accuracy of measurement data;

4. * the sample chamber is a square cuvette, which can avoid the error caused by the uneven wall of the circular cuvette and has higher measurement accuracy. The cuvette is applicable to a variety of cuvettes of different specifications at the same time, and can accommodate a maximum of 50mm cuvette to meet the detection requirements of a variety of parameters;

5. It can store test data in real time, with a storage capacity of up to 50000 groups (including test date, test item and test result);

6. The working curve in memory can be directly called and automatically calculated the sample concentration to be measured, with 180 curve spaces, convenient for users to establish extended range and extended test items;

7. It has the function of automatic multi-point linear fitting. The user can directly call the curve fitting program for the extended project without manually calculating the curve;

8. * the 7-inch high-end full-color LCD touch screen with good reliability and stability is selected to clearly display comprehensive information such as measurement items, absorbance values, concentration values, etc., and the full graphic human-computer interactive operation provides the most friendly and convenient operation experience for customers;

9. * the instrument has built-in high-end brand micro thermal line printer, which can quickly print the test results and facilitate data retention;

10. It supports online processing of test data. Current data and historical storage data can be uploaded to the computer through data line for processing.

★ executive standard: JJG 178-2007 verification regulation of ultraviolet, visible and near infrared spectrophotometer provides test report

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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