Technical parameters:

The scope of use portable rapid verifier is a kind of auxiliary tool which is convenient for organs, hotels, financial banks, leasing, industrial and commercial tax administration, school education examination room and other applications to check the resident identity card. It is simple, fast and portable. Contactless inductive recognition, voice broadcast, easy to use, fast and accurate recognition. Like a mobile phone, it can be turned on to use 3000 pieces continuously after charging. The verification takes only one second, and about 20 pieces can be verified every minute.

Application scope:

Railway station, bus station, wharf, customs security inspection, police, traffic police, patrol police, ID card application, household registration and migration, management of migrant population, etc.

Study examination, employment, joining the army, marriage registration, etc.

Ticket purchase, boarding, security check, etc.

Bank account opening, credit, credit card transaction, large amount withdrawal, etc.

Easy to use! Step / method:

1. Close the second generation ID card to the sensor area of the recognizer;

2. The card reading light is on, and the voice broadcast "this card is true", and there is no hint for false card.

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