Technical parameters:

Fully comply with GA standard of Ministry of public security.

1. Fingerprint acquisition window size: 36mm × 36mm

2. Effective image size: error is ± 0.3mm

3. Number of image pixels: 640 pixels × 640 pixels

4. Image center deviation: X, Y direction ≤ 10 pixels

5. Image resolution: image resolution: 500dpi, error ± 0.66%

6. Image distortion: ≤ 0.66%

7. Image gray level: each pixel of fingerprint image is quantized to 256 levels

8. Gray value of image background: 240-255

9. Image background gray level nonuniformity: ≤ 8%

10. Gray dynamic range: ≥ 180 levels

11. Ambient light: the fingerprint image can be collected normally when the ambient light on the acquisition surface is ≤ 300lx

12. Acquisition speed: ≥ 25 frames / S

13. Fingerprint image quality: dark background optical design, that is, the optical imaging light source directly below the acquisition prism, the infrared light emitted by the light-emitting light source produces total reflection at the fingerprint mastoid line, and diffuse reflection occurs between the two mastoid lines, thus forming the light and dark image of fingerprint lines; in this imaging mode, the gray value of the image in the non fingerprint area (background area) is close to 0, which is also It is the dark background, which can effectively improve and enhance the gray range of fingerprint image, so as to effectively improve the image quality of dry, peeling, adhesion, elderly and other poor fingerprint.

The overall device contains drivers.

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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