Footprint automatic identification system

Parameter configuration and performance description:

Technical parameters:

1. High query accuracy: in 50000 field footprint databases, the accuracy of field footprint recognition that meets the recognition conditions is more than 75% (the top 50 recognition results)

2. Fast query speed: single server footprints query and comparison speed: more than 10000 pieces / second (16 cores, 2.0GHz), meeting the needs of industry footprints business and improving work efficiency

3. Footprint entry: the entry process is simple and easy to operate. Feature extraction of footprints can be completed in 2 minutes; processing of incomplete footprints is supported; fast collection of suspect's footprints by footprinter is supported

4. Feature processing: using advanced image feature analysis technology, automatic extraction of texture features in line with the sensitivity of human visual system

5. Footprints query automation: on site footprints and suspect footprints are automatically retrieved in the database, and query records are saved

6. Business function: the system provides functions such as footstep input, footstep concatenation, footstep comparison, shoe sample query, report statistics, business management, etc

7. Access control: use access control to increase system security. Multi level management and hierarchical authority

8. System compatibility: the system provides data warehouse technology integration scheme (ETL), completes data extraction, transformation, loading and other work according to unified rules, and simplifies data integration among various systems

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