Parameter configuration and performance description:

The 360 ° image of rifling trace and shell side trace is flattened and extracted, and the database is built. The rifling trace of suspected bullet is automatically compared and identified with that in the database.

Main parameters:

1. German optical lens, 1 ×~ 8 × continuous zoom, 1080p high-definition camera system, super clear image, flat light source illumination, obvious concave and convex rifling of warhead, precise deployment module, zero error trace deployment;

2. Warhead deployment angle: 0-360 ° self setting, image flattening at one time;

3. Flattening error correction: the electromagnetic rotary motor and the computer software are automatically calibrated synchronously, and the perimeter error is less than 0.001mm;

4. Moving range of loading platform: X-axis 60mm, Y-axis 60mm;

5. Lighting source: flat optical fiber cold light source, double bundle optical fiber cold light source;

6. Trace computer automatic comparison and recognition, accurate and fast.

1) The computer automatically collects, analyzes and extracts line trace features;

2) The line trace features of the case scene are digitized and stored automatically;

3) Intelligent automatic retrieval and investigation of linear trace features on the scene of a case;

4) The linear trace feature of the case scene is automatically compared with the advanced intelligent image in the database, and the search speed is 1000 images per minute;

5) Automatically output the line trace comparison results and pictures of the case scene according to the high and low order of the joint rate.

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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