Technical parameters:

1. Collaborative time error deviation: less than 30ms (psyhub time coaxial scheme)

2. Single / double eye tracking: double eye tracking

3. Eye movement sampling rate: 30fps / 50FPS / 100fps

4. Eye movement accuracy: 0.5 °

5. Eye movement accuracy: 0.08 °

6. Pupil diameter evaluation: 2D plane calculation, 3D perspective calculation

7. Tracking method: infrared dark pupil tracking

8. Tracking algorithm: 2D eye evaluation, 3D eye evaluation

9. Pupil recognition: pupil edge recognition, ROI area recognition, image density recognition

10. Data confidence threshold: adjustable

11. Blink tracking recovery: immediate recovery

12. Monitor pupil image: Yes

13. Recording pupil Video: Yes

14. Scene camera lens: Carl Zeiss optical glass lens

15. Autofocus: Yes

16. Scene camera sampling rate: 30fps

17. Maximum resolution of scene camera: 1920 × 1080

18. Type of scene camera: wide angle lens without distortion, with distortion rate less than 1.2 °

19. Visible range of scene camera: 93 °

20. Scene camera horizontal visible range: 83 °

21. Vertical visible range of scene camera: 52 °

22. Scene audio recording: two omnidirectional microphones

23. Signal to noise ratio of microphone: > 35 dB @ 65dB

24. Host type: Portable

25. Host storage capacity: 192g 500g

26. Bluetooth in the host: 4.0 Bluetooth

27. Internal network card of host: support IEEE 802.11a/n/ac

28. Normal wireless operation distance of host: 20m

29. Host extended wireless operation distance: n / a 100m

30. Host operating distance through the Internet: allow remote operation at any location connected to the Internet

31. Use time of host battery: 2.5h (1.5h can be added for each backup battery)

32. Standby battery of the host: 2 batteries, no need to shut down and replace 4 batteries, no need to shut down and replace

33. Eye movement calibration method: 9-point screen or projection mark calibration, hand-held physical mark calibration, natural feature calibration

34. Evaluation of calibration results: Yes

35. Automatic mark of interest area: automatic recognition of aruco QR code mark

36. Automatic tagging after interest area: supported

37. Types of recorded data: time stamp, 2D eye movement data, 3D eye movement data, pupil diameter, data confidence, pupil video, scene video, scene audio

38. eye movement test software: with complete data collection and data analysis function (software copyright)

39. Data format: CSV file, PNG file, MP4 file and wav file

40. Visual analysis: eye movement data track, fixation point track, scanning path, perspective, hotspot map of interest area

41. Parallax offset correction: manual correction

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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