Technical parameter

The ultraviolet observation box provides a dark room environment for observation materials. The c-65 can accommodate one or two 8 watt El series ultraviolet lamps by multi-functional chromatography.

Multifunctional chromatographic cabinet design, which can accommodate one or two El series 8 watt lamps (UV lamps need to be ordered separately)

Use two lights to illuminate the inside of the observation box from both sides

The UV light is detachable

The lamp is equipped with a universal plug directly connected to the c-65 cabinet, plus a power cord to run other applicationsEasy to operate, with white light inside

Removable bottom plate of observation box

Soft rubber vision window and UV filter absorb UV radiation to protect eyes. Reinforced rubber curtain can completely block visible light to form darkroom.

Specifications of UVP c-65 ultraviolet observation box and UV analyzer:

1. Light source: white light - el light separate, purple light (EL light separate)

2. Power switch: on top of unit

3. Viewport: filter with UV blocking

4. Size:

Indoor: 381 x216 x152 mm

Appearance: 493 x 409 x 400mm




The application of cc-81 ultraviolet observation box includes the following 7 points:

1. In scientific experiments, it is used to detect many main substances, such as protein, nucleotide, etc.

2. In drug production and research, it can be used to check the quality of hormone alkaloids, vitamins and other fluorescent drugs. It is suitable for thin layer analysis, paper layer analysis of spots and detection.

3. In dye coating rubber, petroleum and other chemical industries, determine various fluorescent materials, fluorescent indicators and additives, and identify different types of crude oil and rubber products.

4. It can be used to determine different kinds of raw materials such as wool, silk man-made fiber and cotton synthetic fiber in textile chemical fiber, and check the quality of finished products.

5. It can be used to check the quality of toxins (such as aflatoxin, etc.) food additives, deteriorated vegetables, fruits, cocoa bean fat, chocolate, fat, honey, sugar, egg 00, etc. in grain, oil, vegetable and food departments.

6. In the departments of Geology and archaeology, we can find all kinds of minerals and distinguish the authenticity of cultural relics and fossils.

7. In the public security department, finger mark measurement and cipher writing can be checked.

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