Technical parameters:

2 megapixel high-definition VGA / AV / USB three in one measuring industrial camera product features:

1. Conform to international video 1080p, with resolution of 1920 * 1080

2、 Frame rate of image acquisition: 30 frames / s high-speed image acquisition, no smear and delay

3. A new color algorithm. Ensure the true reproduction of image color

4. Independent color adjustment, unique multi-level width dynamic (HDR) function

5. With cross center line and movable line function superposition function

6. With edge enhancement mode, prompt special image effect

7. Real 2 megapixel color CMOS progressive image sensor, no compression, no interpolation

8. Support static image capture (jpg, BMP)

9. The image color is rich and lifelike, and the quality is equal to the middle and high-grade digital camera

10. The simple and practical operation software can take photos, store and record images,

11. Durable case

12. Accurate image restoration characteristics

13、 Rich external synchronization control resources

14. Professional LED light source

15. Non ferrous viewing mode, anti reflective function

16. With measuring function, it can accurately measure length, angle, distance, etc

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