Parameter configuration and performance description:

Technical parameters:

1. Weight: 0.95kg

2. Size: 350x218x97mm

Product introduction:

1. The extractor consists of four parts: handle (including high voltage generator and battery), base plate, sponge and electrostatic film. The electrostatic film is installed under the sponge and completely covers the sponge. The elasticity of the sponge enables the electrostatic film to fit on the uneven surface, and the high-voltage static electricity is transmitted to the electrostatic film through the spring electrode of the sponge. The output voltage is continuously adjustable from 14kV to 30KV. The user can select high voltage or low voltage according to the depth of dust trace.

Product function:

1. Extract dust footprints on concave and convex surfaces; extract dust footprints on walls; extract soft plane dust footprints; extract hard plane dust footprints; extract insulated ground dust footprints;

To configure:

1. One concave and convex dust footprint extractor, one 1.2m grounding wire, one 8m grounding wire extension wire, one charger, one power adapter, 10 single footprint electrostatic films, four electrostatic plates and one nylon bag.

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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