Parameter configuration and performance description:

Cps-710 multi-channel psychological tester integrates many technical innovations, excellent hardware design and perfect combination of criminal psychological testing technology in line with Oriental psychological characteristics. It is a leading psychological tester in China. On the basis of traditional technology and methods, the combination of skin temperature, synchronous audio-video and psychological testing technology is added. Its unique synchronous comprehensive automatic scoring system makes scoring more accurate and analytical Evaluation, with a variety of manual scoring AIDS. At present, it is an ideal psychological testing instrument for public security, army, anti-corruption, institutions of higher learning and research institutes.

Functional features:

1. Skin resistance sensor: in addition to maintaining the traditional stainless steel material, a new electrode acquisition method is added, that is, the electrode is directly attached to the skin surface of the tested object, which effectively solves the limitation that the tested object cannot be tested when the hand sensitivity is poor or the hand has a disability.

2. Display of two parameters of skin electricity waveform: when the unique skin electricity atlas created by the domestic criminal psychological test reaches saturation, the two parameters of saturation time and duration should be displayed in real time, which are highly praised in the actual combat.

3. Combination of skin temperature technology and psychological testing technology: record and display the change of skin temperature of the tested person, which provides more reference options for increasing the accuracy of the test conclusion.

4. In the system test, the piezo compression map should be displayed synchronously; in the test, the map of multiple groups of questions can be viewed, which is helpful for accurate evaluation.

Synchronous testing and automatic scoring and display functions; unique synchronous automatic scoring system, effectively help testers make correct technical evaluation.

5. Browse test map: during the test, you can drag the map forward at any time to view the tested historical map without affecting the collection of the current map.

6. Auto generate report: after the test is completed, the system can automatically generate the test report without manual completion.

7. Graph parallel analysis: after the test, the graphs of multiple tests can be analyzed in parallel, so as to increase the intuitiveness of mutual comparison.

8. Test data export: the test data can hide the name of the tested person, and can be copied or sent email in time for convenient communication.

Support multi language platform open data format.

1. Model: cps-710 professional lie detection scheme

2. Size: (24.8 x 19.5 x 8.2 cm)

3. Weight: 480g

4. Certification: pass the test of "GA 544-2005 multi channel psychological testing system technical specification"

5. Input channels: 11 input channels

6. Signal resolution: 16 points

7. Number of samples tested: 300 samples / second

8. Sensor: medical devices are used

9. Shell material: aluminum alloy shell

To configure:

1. Main machine of cps-710 tester: it adopts metal aluminum shell, with strong anti-interference ability.

2.10 signals: 1 skin electricity, 1 chest breath, 1 abdomen breath, 1 pulse, 1 action, 1 blood pressure, 1 blood oxygen, 1 skin temperature, 1 video and audio frequency, and 1 ambient temperature.

3. Piezoelectricity sensor: it adopts special electrode piece with manual adjustment knob to adjust the baseline and gain of piezoelectricity signal, so as to improve the test range, accuracy and convenience; it is worn on two fingers respectively, with appropriate tightness

4. Chest breath sensor: professional breath wave sensor, which can effectively detect the specific changes of breath and wear it on the inside of wrist. Women's chest position, loose

4. Abdominal breathing sensor: professional breathing wave sensor, which can effectively detect the specific changes of breathing, and wear it on the inside of wrist. Men wear abdominal position, loose.

5. Pulse sensor: professional pulse wave sensor, which can effectively detect the specific changes of pulse wave and wear it on the inside of wrist.

6. Blood pressure sensor: medical grade blood pressure is worn on the arm. This sensor adopts air pressure sensor to directly measure diastolic and systolic blood pressure on line, abnormal alarm

7. Blood oxygen sensor: it adopts infrared reflection sensor with working voltage of 2.5v-12v and strong anti-interference ability. Online direct digital display. Abnormal alarm.

8. Motion sensor: cushion type sensor, which can monitor the abnormal limb activity of the tested person.

9. Skin temperature sensor: skin temperature sensor has an effective lie detection effect. The working voltage is 2.5v-12v, with strong anti-interference ability. Online direct digital display.

10. Camera: high definition camera, which can store video and audio synchronously during the test.

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