Technical parameters:

All steel ventilation cabinet, upper and lower split structure. Strong steel structure shell, solid core physical and chemical board table, independent Beite resistant inner tank, with strong structure, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. The deflector is designed as a three-stage suction structure, so that the gas with different specific gravity can be discharged quickly. The guide plate is connected with special parts for easy cleaning and maintenance. It can be equipped with grid (also known as titration addition, distillation rack and synthesis rack). The mobile sliding door is of frame structure, embedded with toughened glass. It has strong structure and smooth sliding. It is extruded to form a one-way handle. The maximum opening height of the door is 780mm. It can rise and fall automatically and stay continuously. The fume hood is equipped with a set of circulating water system, four 220v10a multi-functional splash proof sockets, LED lights, and touch control panel to control the fan valve and lighting.

1. Cabinet body: 1.0mm thick galvanized steel plate

2. Inner lining plate: 5mm anti bent plate

3. Movable sliding door: 5mm tempered glass

4. Specification: 1500 * 850 * 2350mm

5. Standard configuration: 1 12.7mm thick solid core physicochemical board table, 1 set of PP cup groove + single mouth water nozzle, 1 LCD control panel, 1 LED lamp, 4 10A multi-functional sockets, 1 circuit breaker, 8 reserved air holes, 1 250 axial flow fan. Fan voltage: 220V, power: 100W, air volume: 1850 m3 / h.

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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