main functions

advanced built-in acquisition device and reverse control software

it can reversely control the flow rate of chromatographic pump, pump exhaust, suppressor current, conductivity cell and column box temperature, collect chromatographic output signal, etc.; it has the function of real-time data collection, etc.; it can realize a USB port communication line connected with external computer for real-time control and data processing of the instrument;

the reverse control software supports the function of automatic calculation and display of preset method data results: method establishment includes instrument parameters and standard curves. The established corresponding method is selected before sample injection. After the sampling is completed automatically, the reverse control software can realize the function of automatic calculation and display of results;

★ high pressure double plunger face single cam advection pump (patent), wide flow range, high pressure resistance, acid and alkali resistance, 100% compatible with organic solvents;

the built-in column constant temperature system can realize rapid temperature rise and accurate temperature control of the chromatographic column box;

★ digital temperature controlled bipolar pulse conductance detector has high sensitivity and stability;

it has the functions of over-pressure protection, liquid leakage alarm, low liquid level alarm of eluent, self-cleaning of pump head, etc.

★ the standard ion chromatography sample full-automatic weighing & flow online detection system can realize real-time monitoring of ion chromatography flow operation status;

technical parameter requirements

ic1800 ion chromatography pump

maximum operating pressure: 42MPa;

pressure fluctuation: < 1.0%;

flow rate range: 0.001-9.999 ml / min;

flow accuracy: < 0.1%;

flow accuracy: < 0.5%;

cleaning of piston seal: double pump head, continuous cleaning when connecting detergent;

the upper and lower limit alarms can be set in the whole process, and the leakage alarm function can be provided;

eluent bottle: polypropylene, 1-4l customer option.

column temperature box

operating temperature range: environment + 5 ℃ to 100 ℃;

temperature stability: ± 0.1 ℃;

temperature setting value: ± 0.1 ℃;

emperature resolution: 0.1 ℃;

★it can accommodate two 250 mm analysis columns and 50 mm protection columns at the same time.

conductivity detector

type: microprocessor digital signal control processor;

resolution: 0.0017 ns;

full scale output range: 0-15000 μ s;

★ temperature control range of conductivity cell: Standard 40, 50 and 60, which can be customized according to the user's requirements;

temperature stability: < 0.01 ℃;

conductivity cell volume: < 0.8 μ L;

maximum pool operating pressure: 10 MPa (1500 psi);

★ baseline noise: < 0.1% FS;

baseline drift: < 1.5% FS;

linear correlation coefficient: ≥ 0.999;

linear range: ≥ 103 (calculated by chloride ion).

electrochemical suppressor

★control power supply of suppressor: 0-200 Ma, 1 Ma increment, which can replace dai'an srs300 suppression

The instrument is used for Diane series of ion chromatography products;

anion suppressor: continuous automatic regeneration micro film suppressor or mixed column film suppressor, inhibition capacity

Volume 110 mEq / min;

cation suppressor: continuous automatic regeneration micro film suppressor or or column membrane mixed type electrolytic suppressor, suppressor

Capacity 200 mEq / min;

★ dead volume of suppressor: < 50 μ L.

★ Ion chromatography sample automatic weighing &amp; flow online detection system:

weighing accuracy: 5mg, 1mg, 0.1mg optional

through ZigBee wireless connection, the test data can be recorded at the same time, and the flow of ion chromatography can be monitored in real time

sample drying temperature range: 40 ~ 180 ° C

drying mode: automatic, manual, preheating, preset, customized

display screen: 4.3-inch TFT (full touch)

level adjustment system and level indicator: ergonomic level adjustment system and front level indicator, screen display and indication of level adjustment

unit conversion: fast unit conversion makes operation more convenient, clear and intuitive

storage of measurement methods: 36

parameters of ic1800 ion chromatograph

qualitative repeatability: RSD < 1.0% (calculated by chloride ion);

quantitative repeatability: RSD < 3.0% (calculated by chloride ion).

configuration list

one set of ion chromatograph (chromatographic pump, electrochemical suppressor, conductivity detector, built-in column temperature box, etc.)

one set of reverse control chromatographic workstation

one original imported anion chromatographic column si-90 4E (250mm * 4.0) and one si-90-g (10 mm * 4.6) respectively

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