Parameter configuration and performance description:

The vertical barrier net adopts the structure of professional protection grade serpentine type metal blade expansion net. The metal blade adopts the combination of molding process and steel ring. The ring and the ring are connected by metal buckle, which is firm, reliable and anti dismantling;

1. The expansion net is fixed to the frame or roller;

2. The main body of the vertical barrier net frame is welded with 30 * 30 * 1.5mm rectangular steel pipe; three groups of blade expansion net are connected with the frame in a "product" structure, which is stable and firm in structure, greatly improving the barrier height and width, and effectively preventing the barrier net from turning over and moving;

3. In order to facilitate the operation of barrier distribution and collection, one end of the vertical barrier net is equipped with casters, another is equipped with special steel hooks, and the vertical barrier net is equipped with protective covers to prevent accidental injury during transportation, storage and handling;

Main technical parameters: 

1. Appearance size (recovery state): 1500 * 500 * 1480mm (including 690mm handle width)

2. Net: three groups of snake shaped metal blade expansion net finished structure, single group diameter of Φ 700mm

3. Tensile length: About 8M

4. Mass: 82kg




Technical parameters:

1. The isolation network barricade is a special anti-terrorism and anti riot equipment, which is suitable for the public security and armed police to deal with emergencies, set up defenses on various roads, effectively intercept suspects and vehicles, and effectively implement road traffic control.

2. The isolation network barrier consists of isolation network and vehicle body. The isolation net is used for anti interception, equipped with fixed brake and fixed rod. The car body is used to install the isolation net. With the unique patented innovation technology, the vehicle mounted isolation net roadblock can be quickly arranged to the designated position and can be retracted and released freely. It can be made to order.

Main technical parameters:

1. Height of isolation network: 1.5m

8. Isolation network width: 1m

9. Contraction length of isolation network: 1.6m

10. Development length of isolation network: 8M

11. Car body size: 1.9 length x 1.2 width x 1.9 height

12. Length of vehicle axle: 1.54M

13. Weight of isolation net: 150kg

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