Parameter configuration and performance description:

1 material: vut - texpr

2 color: silver grey

3. Protection level: en388:2003 blade cutting resistance level 5, 2003 wear resistance level 4, 2003 tear resistance level 4, iso13997:1999 blade cutting resistance level 5

Workmanship and materials:

1. The birth of anti cutting (cutting) boots ended the history of "traditional protective clothing" which was heavy, rigid, rigid, unable to wear at any time, unable to protect the whole body. The high-tech anti cutting fiber material is used to make the sweater. The fabric is medium gray, soft and comfortable like ordinary clothes, light and breathable, with the characteristics of perspiration and quick drying.

2. The protective performance of anti cutting (hacking) boots is not only limited to the injury of knives, but also can protect all sharp objects, such as "broken glass", "broken wine bottle" and other sharp objects. Due to its high tear resistance, this kind of fabric also has the functions of "anti bite" and "anti tear", which can be used to protect the bites of AIDS people and traffic accidents And other accidents may be torn by strong external forces.

In the actual test, the wear resistance, cutting resistance and tear resistance of anti cutting (cutting) boots are all in line with the highest level of European standards, and they are the first choice of concealed protection products for special industries such as public security, armed police, security, medical and so on.

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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