Technical parameters:

The product is developed and produced according to the standard of < GA 871-2010 > explosion-proof tank, and is made of high-strength and impact resistant carbon steel plate. The explosion discharging performance is superior. The explosion discharging tank is equipped with a mesh bag with explosives stably placed in it, and the bottom is equipped with a universal wheel, which is convenient for transfer and transportation. It can effectively prevent the shock wave and debris horizontal diffusion after the explosion of explosives in the tank, so as to avoid the injury to the surrounding personnel, as well as the damage to valuable instruments, cultural relics archives and special public places. It is necessary equipment for explosion-proof safety inspection departments of public security, armed police, court, procuratorate, civil aviation, railway, port, customs, important places and large-scale activities.

Technical indicators:

Explosion proof inner tank specification:

1. Outer diameter: 665mm; total height: 800mm; total weight: 350kg

2. Explosion proof tank material: it is composed of high-strength carbon steel plate with a wall thickness of 30mm, decorated with 1mm stainless steel plate, and reinforced at the bottom of the tank body.

3. Explosion proof ability: it can resist the explosion energy of 1.5kg TNT explosive and can accommodate all Transverse Explosive fragments. The outer tank body is complete without cracks and falling fast.

4. Service life: if there is no explosion, it can be stored for life.

★ provide the inspection report issued by the national security alarm system product quality supervision and Inspection Center (Shanghai) security alarm system product quality supervision and inspection test center of the Ministry of public security in 2015, executive standard: GA 871-2010 explosion proof tank

★ Test No.: ghj No. 157041

★ each set of explosion-proof tank shall be provided with 1.5 million product quality and liability insurance. The insurance period is 5 years.

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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