Technical parameters:

1. Color: Black

2. Size (head circumference): large (L) 580mm-600mm, medium (m) 560mm-580mm, small (s) 540mm-560mm

3. Weight: 1.6kg.

4. Package size: 815 × 365 × 740

5. Shell material: PC high strength alloy material

6. Mask material: surface strengthened PC lens

7. Product composition: it is composed of engineering plastic object, buffer layer, detachable wearing device, mask, neck guard, etc. A high-pressure injection molding, and a special process of internal atomization, external hardening. A tool for protecting police officers from head and face injuries when carrying out tasks, light weight, high strength, comfortable wearing, etc.

★ provide the test report issued by the special police equipment quality supervision and inspection center of the Ministry of public security in 2015, test standard: GA 294-2012 Police Riot Helmet

★ Test No.: GPJ (Commission) No. 1550200,

★ provide 1.5 million product quality and liability insurance. The insurance period is 8 years.

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Powered by: www.300.cn

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