Technical parameter

1. Material: made of engineering plastic shell and wearing device.

2. Cap badge: installation hole spacing is 25mm

3. Color: porcelain white

4. Structure: composed of shell and wearing device

5. Wearing device:

5-1. Wearing structure: the structure shall ensure that it is reliable and comfortable to wear and convenient to release. Tie width: 20 ± 2mm

5-2. Strength requirements for wearing device: apply 23kg load for 2min, no tie break occurs on helmet, and no connection piece falls off and buckle is loose.

6. Head circumference specification: l-580-600mm

7. Mass: 0.68kg

8. Environmental adaptability: under the environment of high temperature, low temperature and rain, there is no crack in the helmet shell.

9. Penetration resistance of helmet: the steel cone with a mass of 3kg falls freely from 1000mm and is tested twice with a spacing of no less than 75mm. The steel cone does not penetrate the helmet and contacts the head.

10. Weather resistance of helmet: after aging test, there is no obvious erosion, deformation and discoloration on the outer surface of helmet.

★ the product provides the inspection report issued by the special police equipment quality supervision and inspection center of the Ministry of public security in 2015, and the executive standard is: ga296-2001 police service helmet

★ Test No.: GPJ (Commission) No. 1550123

★ provide 1.5 million product quality and liability insurance. The insurance period is 8 years.

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Powered by: www.300.cn

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