Parameter configuration and performance description:

1 appearance: no fold, crack, damage, notch, open thread, missing needle, thread head and other defects;

2. Specification: it conforms to 165cm-185cm police officer's wearing, which is one kind of specification. The user can adjust by himself with the help of the link belt according to his height;

3. Wearing flexibility: it is simple and convenient to wear and take off. After wearing, the free movement of arms and the movement of kneeling, jumping, squatting, running, pitching and turning of human body cannot be restricted obviously;

4. Protection area: front chest and crotch ≥ 0.10 ㎡; back ≥ 0.10 ㎡; upper limbs (both limbs) ≥ 0.18 ㎡; lower limbs (both legs including instep) ≥ 0.30 ㎡;

5. Quality: 7.20kg;

6. Structural connection strength: the strength of buckle > 500N; the strength of Velcro > 7.0n/cm2; the strength of connecting belt > 2000N;

7 stab proof performance: the front chest, back and front crotch (excluding the seam) of the riot suit are stabbed vertically into the protective parts with 20j kinetic energy using the standard test tool specified in ga68, and the tip of the tool does not penetrate the protective parts;

8 impact resistance: place any protective part of the anti riot clothing on the rigid plane, impact with 120J energy, and the part is not damaged or cracked;

9. Impact energy absorption performance: place the parts of the front chest and back of the riot suit on the standard mastic, and impact with 100J energy. The depth of the mastic indentation: 11.5mm;

10. Executive standard: in accordance with GA 420-2008 police riot suit; our company provides the test report issued by the quality supervision and inspection center of special police equipment of the Ministry of public security in 2013, and has the certificate of conformity;

Functional features:

Anti riot clothing is a kind of personal protective equipment designed and produced for police special patrol, anti riot police and armed police. Anti riot clothing can effectively prevent bayonet, machete, stick, brick and chemical liquid attacks, reduce their own injuries, effectively fight against crime, and enhance the front-line police's deterrent and combat effectiveness when controlling riots and subduing gangsters. A new type of personal protective equipment is needed when police officers are in control of riot, when they are in control of gangsters, when their lives are threatened, when they are attacked or injured by equipment.

Product process and materials:

The front chest and back protective layer are made of 2.0-thick aluminum alloy splicing layer, engineering plastic shaped armor and soft energy absorbing material, the four limbs protective layer is made of reinforced nylon shaped armor and soft energy absorbing material, and the crotch is made of 2.0-thick overall aluminum alloy plate and soft energy absorbing material.

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