Technical parameters:

The restraint blanket is a new kind of restraint equipment with humanization. When the law enforcement personnel deal with the "flexible event", it can not only restrain the behavior suspect, but also protect the legal dignity of the person. At the same time, it can also be used as a stretcher for rescue in case of natural disasters, traffic accidents and other accidents.


1. Soft pillow can protect the head of the constrained person from the impact of hard objects.

2. It can quickly adjust the size according to the weight of the human body

3. Soft texture, easy to fold and carry by police officers;

4. It can be used for masking, shielding, etc. one blanket can be used for multiple emergencies in complex environment;

5. Police officers can be used as rest and bedding when they work in the field for a long time, which is conducive to improving the quality of police security;

6. It can be used as a stretcher to transfer the injured and save lives.

7. After special treatment, the material of the used buckle strap has the characteristics of flame retardant, high temperature resistance, soft texture, no stimulation, etc., which can not only achieve the basic adhesion and fixation, but also protect the skin, and do not cause pollution to the environment.

Size weight:

Total length: 160cm; width: 185cm; length of headrest removed: 129cm; width of edge burr: 40cm;

Headrest width: 64cm; strap length: 130cm, width: 5cm; weight: 3.7kg




Toe binding

Technical parameters:

1. Toe binding: total length: 90CM,

2. Total width: 26cm;

3. Strap length: 150cm,

4. Binding bandwidth: 4.7cm;

5. Bag length: 17.5cm,

6. Pocket width: 17cm;

7. Sticky hair width: 5cm;

8. Weight: 0.6kg

The buckle strap is non-destructive.




New type resistant equipment

Technical parameters:

1. Product Description: a new type of restraint equipment suitable for legal society and more "humanized", suitable for handling "flexible emergencies". It is easy to operate and reliable to restrain.

2. Product size:

Strap: total length: 151cm, total width: 50cm; bag length: 22cm, bag width: 23cm;

Binding length: 355cm, binding bandwidth: 5cm; insertion length: 22.5cm, insertion width: 20cm;

The length and width of the sticky hairs in the bag are 22cm and 5cm respectively;

3. Product weight: 1.8kg;

4. Features: the buckle strap is non-destructive.

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