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1. The restraint belt is composed of ankle strap, wrist strap, elbow strap, etc. the belt body is made of nylon braided belt. The ankle strap is composed of left and right ankle straps, lock and connecting chain (strap). The width of ankle strap is 50mm, and the length of ankle strap buckle is adjustable. The inner circumference is 270mm at least and 370mm at most. The adjusting holes should be single or double, with a spacing of 35mm. The length of connecting chain (strap) is 280mm. The wrist strap is made of nylon braided belt, left and right wrist straps, metal lock and metal chain Then make up. The width of the belt is 60MM, and the buckle length of the belt can be adjusted. The length of the belt is divided into three specifications and sizes according to the internal circumference after the buckle is closed. The adjustable buckle is single hole or double hole, with the spacing of 55MM. The width of wrist is 50mm, the minimum inner circumference is 195mm, the maximum is 2015mm, the adjustment hole should be single hole or double hole, the spacing is 30mm, and the total length of metal connection chain is 280mm. The elbow binding belt is made of nylon braided belt, with a width of 50mm and adjustable length of 800-1075mm. The adjusting hole shall be single hole or double hole with a spacing of 55mm.

2. The body color is black.

3. Total mass: 960g.

4. Color fastness to rubbing: dry rubbing: grade 4-5, wet rubbing: grade 4-5.

5. The buckle strength of nylon buckle is 9.6n/c ㎡, and the corrosion resistance grade is 9.

6. Scope of application: A. This product fills in the gap of domestic special restraint equipment. The restraint means are more humanized, the supervision level and safety factor are improved, and the incidence of liability accidents is reduced. On this basis, the police Standards Committee of the Ministry of public security has formulated industry standards. B. Main functions: punitive restraint: mainly for the "prison bully", violent bullying of others, prisoners who repeatedly violate prison regulations. Humanized restriction: temporary restriction on mental patients, drunk persons and criminal suspects. C. To a certain extent, this product can replace the handcuffs, shackles and other compulsory police equipment to avoid legal disputes. 7. Usage: tighten the pressure strap to the corresponding chain hole according to the body of the criminal suspect, and lock it when it is locked in with a lock; when the constraint is released, open it with a special key; executive standard: GA 814-2009 police restraint belt

★ 8. The product provides the inspection report issued by the quality supervision and inspection center of special police equipment of the Ministry of public security in 2016, and the executive standard is: GA 814-2009 police restraint belt,

★ Test No.: GPJ (Commission) No. 1650344.

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