Wireless Electronic buckle

Wireless electronic foot buttons are mainly used by law enforcement officers to arrest prisoners, stop prisoners from fighting with prisoners, long-distance escort, prisoners transferred to prison, labor outside prison, ventilation, medical treatment, court sessions, etc.

Technical parameters:

1. Main engine working voltage: 7.4v (DC)

2. Electric shock voltage: 15kV ~ 30KV (pulse)

3. Battery capacity: ≥ 700mah

4. Charging voltage: 9V ~ 12V (DC)

5. Charging time: 5h ~ 10h

6. Charging current: 50mA ~ 200mA

7. Remote control distance: 100m-200m

8. Working voltage of remote control: 8V ~ 12V

9. Continuous standby time of the host: ≥ 72h

10. Lock tension: above 1000N

11. Waterproof and antirust: lock and key must have antirust function to prevent permanent rust.

12. Lock cylinder: it has its own independent design and can not be used for any handcuffs or shackles.

13. Configuration: 1. Electronic foot button host;

2. Remote control with stainless steel antenna;

3. Stainless steel lockset with lock;

4. Stainless steel key;

5. Charger;

6. The words "wireless remote control electronic foot button" and other words are printed on the outer packing aluminum alloy box;

7. Each set is set with 5-digit code, which must be used by host and remote control.




Satellite tracking platform system

Technical parameters:

1. Charging: direct charging, normal working time more than 75 hours.

2. Positioning function: through satellite and base station positioning, the current real-time position of personnel can be determined. The positioning accuracy of satellite (GPS, Beidou) is 10-15 meters, and that of base station is about 100 meters.

3. GSM frequency: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz.

4. 2 / 3 / 4G frequency: 2G frequency.

5、GPRS:Class12, TCP/IP。

6. Battery capacity: 1500mah.

7. Battery supply voltage: 3.3V – 4.2V.

8. Battery supply current: 2A.

9. Battery charging time: more than 5 hours.

10、 Working temperature: -20 - +70 ℃.

11. Working humidity: 20% - 95% RH.

12. Electronic map: through the electronic map, you can view and display the geographic location, status and other information of the personnel, and through the map, you can view the terrain, landform, nearby buildings, street view, etc. of the current location of the personnel.

13. Track query: the system can be used to query the movement track of personnel and electronic foot buttons.

14. Electronic fence: the required fence area can be set to limit the range of people's activities, and the management platform will give an alarm once the limit is exceeded.

15. Alarm prompt: when the battery power is less than 20%, the system supports to pop up the alarm prompt in the form of sound, figure, text, etc.

16. Status display: the system will display the status information of the current device, such as power, positioning mode, real-time location, etc. (the function of the handheld terminal is the same as that of the command center).

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