Technical parameter:

1. 8-inch LCD with resolution of 1024 (RGB) × 768 (XGA);

2. The display screen supports 180 degree flipping;

3. It can be used for recording storage, with the maximum expanded memory of 32g;

4. Two way voice intercom, convenient for voice communication with the trapped;

5. It is equipped with two types of voice intercom probe and waterproof probe; the voice intercom probe is equipped with a very sensitive omnidirectional audio vibration sensor with an audio search range of more than 200 ㎡, and a frequency range of 300-5500hz;

6. Using infrared CCD night vision probe, the minimum illumination is 0 lux, the definition is 720 lines, and the visible distance in dark environment is more than 5 meters;

7. Hand held retractable probe rod, with a closing length of 1.7m and an extension length of 4.1m. The probe rod is equipped with standard 10 meter line (10 meters, 20 meters and 30 meters are optional);

8. The hand-held extension rod adopts waterproof design, and the connection of waterproof probe can reach IP67;

In addition, it is equipped with an independent extension cable of 20 meters, which can be directly connected with the probe, and can also be connected with the expansion rod to lengthen the detection distance to more than 30 meters;

9. The main engine is powered by 6 3.7V rechargeable lithium batteries, which can be disassembled and replaced to extend the service life of the whole machine, and the one-time charging can work for more than 4 hours;

10. Equipped with professional noise reduction earphones, suitable for noisy environment on site, etc;

11. The display screen can be connected to the third-party display screen for convenient command;

12. The product is equipped with anti smashing safety box, which is convenient to carry;

13. Executive standard: our company provides product quality inspection certificate.

To configure:

1. 1 host

2. 1 extension rod

3. One 20 meter extension line

4. One infrared voice intercom probe

5. 1 infrared waterproof probe

6. Noise reduction headset 1 pair

7. 1 battery charger

8. 2 sets of batteries

9. 1 converter

10. 1 memory card

11. 1 video cable

12. 1 manual

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