Technical parameter:

1. Dose rate: 0.001 μ SV / H ~ 100.000msv/h

2. Cumulative dose: 0.000 μ SV ~ 999.999sv

3. Energy range: 40keV ~ 5.0MeV

4. Energy response error: ≤± 30% (relative to 137Cs)

5. Relative basic error: ≤± 5%

6. Measurement time: measurement time 200ms, data display 1s, faster response speed

7. Alarm threshold: 0.000 μ SV / h ~ 999.999sv/h can be set arbitrarily

8. Response time of protection alarm: 1s

9. Temperature measurement range - 55 ° C to + 130 ° C error: ± 1.41 ° C

10. Display mode: 265k true color graphic mode

11. Display unit: dose rate (μ SV / h or mSv / h or SV / h) and cumulative dose (μ SV or mSv or SV) International

12. Power supply mode: lithium battery (2200ma / h), low power consumption, background measurement can be used for 3 consecutive days

13. Boundary dimension: 120 * 6.4 * 22mm

14. Weight: 74g (excluding battery)

15. Executive standard: in accordance with the requirements of GB / T 10257-2001 quality inspection rules for nuclear instruments and radiation detectors, the test report issued by Shenzhen Institute of measurement quality inspection and the national high tech metering station shall be provided.

Workmanship and materials:

1. Industrial structure anti vibration design, fashionable appearance, comfortable grip, anti slip treatment on the edge

2. 320 * 420 touch color screen, true color display

3. Built in 128K flash storage space, using artificial intelligence dynamic storage algorithm can store data in real time for more than 10 days, automatically cover the oldest data after the data is full, built-in query engine can query the saved data at any time, and display it in the form of curve drawing

4. Powerful arm instruction and mathematical floating-point operation ability, which can quickly calculate and respond to changes in surrounding nuclear radiation

5. Equipped with mountaineering button, USB cable, charger

6. Cumulative dose, dose rate, alarm threshold, countdown, temperature, time and measurement cycle are displayed at the same time

7. Equipped with unique LED lamp, it can reflect the intensity of ray according to the flashing frequency of LED

8. Preset dose rate and cumulative dose alarm threshold

9. Alarm modes of sound, vibration, light and mute are optional

10. Automatically switch measurement units, store measurement data (or alarm data), save accumulated dose and accumulated time

Start date

11. Low power design, voltage status indication of power supply battery, accumulated dose after power failure and configuration of various parameters for a long time

Save between

12. With real-time clock function, the clock operates normally after shutdown

13. Built in fault detection, dose rate overload alarm and protection function

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