Technical parameter:

1. Engineering diving equipment includes diving mask, air supply pump, filter barrel, 100m air supply pipe, diving telephone, dry water-proof clothing, dry diving cap, dry gloves, belt fins, lead and lead pressure belts, safety harness, spare gas cylinder, pressure reducing valve, flashlight;

2. Scuba equipment (excluding gas cylinder, weight lead block, flashlight and three meters): BCD buoyancy vest, primary pressure reducer, air supply secondary respirator, standby secondary respirator, diving suit, diving mirror, breathing tube, fins, weight belt and diving computer watch.

3. BCD buoyancy vest: Material: Daniel Cordura, technical features: 2 large holding bags with buckle, strong carrying bag with handle, 3 exhaust valves, 2 D-rings of polymer material, 2 spring pin pull rings;

Ac2 / compact primary and secondary head suit, standby secondary respirator: piston design, main body brass electroless nickel plating, working pressure: DIN 300 bar (4350psi), calibration pressure: 9.5-10 bar, air supply: 210lmin, certification: en250 / 2000;

Diving suit: made of 3 mm neoprene, arm and leg are added with ultra span high elastic neoprene section, knee is added with protective layer;

4. Pano4 professional diving mirror, all dry breathing tube

5. Flippers: injection molding process of three materials;

6. Marseillas free submarine weight belt;

7. Goa diving computer table: diameter 48mm, 35mm high contrast display.

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