RD-PQ 600

Technical parameter:

1. Operating characteristics:

Compatible with standard climbing drives

Use 12.7mm static braided rope (low tension) or 11mm rope as required.

Equipment weight: 13.6kg, battery weight: 5.2kg, total weight: 18.8kg

Size: 24 × 31 × 44cm

Maximum lifting capacity: 300 kg, full load about 317 kg (including PQ660 and battery pack)

Used by designer for work positioning and transportation of tools and materials

It is easy to carry two people when used for rescue, meeting the American ANSI / ASSE z359.4-2013 standard

2. Lifting speed:

The speed of rise and fall depends on the load:

0-25m / min --- load 100kg

0-13m / min --- load 200kg

0-9M / min --- load 300kg

Power assisted descent speed: up to 0.3 M / S (depending on weight)

Remote or manual operation

The remote visual distance can reach 225 meters, which is affected by the environment

Wear protective gloves and clothes

3. Safety features:

4 times of rated load test;

It will not slide under 2 times of rated load;

Electronic modulation of motor temperature to prevent overheating;

If the winder cover is not properly closed, the interlock switch on the cover will ensure that the machine will not run;

Remote control operation is prior to manual operation;

When the elevator is loaded, the rope cannot be removed;

Automatic braking can provide emergency braking function without external force.

Emergency stop button: cut off the power supply of the machine;

Loading limiter: prevent lifting weight exceeding 450 kg;

Emergency descent mode can be selected to reduce the speed;

Static load capacity: 599 kg;

Dynamic load capacity: 1497kg;

No pinch point;

It is impossible to cut the sharp corners of the user's skin;

The contact surface temperature shall not exceed 65 ℃;

Protection of rotating parts;

No risk of electric shock;

Operating temperature range: - 20-60 ℃;

Battery: nickel hydrogen rechargeable battery;

NIMH 44vdc, 40 Amp, 360 amp minutes discharge to 34 VDC

Climbing capacity:

220 lbs =870 ft (100 kg=267 mtr)

440 lbs= 435 ft (200 kg=133 mtr)

Charging time: 2 hours

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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