1. The remote operation of the microcomputer processing controller can reach more than 300 meters.

2. Y-type scissors can cut off explosive wires, fuse and other detonating media, copper and aluminum wires with a diameter of 10 mm2 and fuse with a diameter of 12 mm from a long distance.

3. The utility model has the function of long-distance MIS cutting and re connecting.

4. The object and human body binding and fixing device can be connected with the explosion discharging robot.

5. A variety of accessories: manual multi-functional bomb removal pliers, one second fast wiring device without stripping, extremely fine needle wire probe, quick wiring alligator clip, etc.

Technical parameters:

The bomb disposal team members are often faced with the demolition of electronic explosives. The correct judgment and selection of the circuit of electronic explosives determine the detonation and release of explosives. The wrong cutting and connection will seriously threaten the life safety of the bomb disposal personnel.

If the detonator is unable to determine the correctness of the selected wire to be cut, use the long-distance detonating demolition shear to carry out the cutting operation.

If the operation of the electronic explosive cannot be stopped due to the implementation of cutting, the remote bomb removal and detonation removal tool can be used to re connect the initial connection, so as to make the cutting and re connecting selection again.

If the electronic explosives need circuit or open circuit to release the operation, it can be realized by using long-distance bomb removal and detonation removal tools.

Even if the saboteur makes a correct judgment and choice, the risk of accidental explosion will be greatly reduced by cutting or connecting the saboteur through the long-distance bomb disposal tools.

The remote bomb disposal tool group can remotely cut or connect wires outside the safe distance, with the function of wrong cutting and reconnection. To ensure the safety of bomb disposal team members to the greatest extent, speed up the speed of bomb disposal, and improve the ability to deal with emergencies.

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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