Technical parameter:

1. The reliable window size is 0.5mx1.0m. The self weight of each set of products is about 3.5kg, and the total charge is not less than 660g. During operation, the operators must wear explosion-proof clothes, and there must be a wall or other shelter between the operators and the cutting device.

The anti-theft door energy gathering cutting device is specially designed for the anti hijacking operation, when commandos break into the anti-theft door structure, such as the anti-theft door and other similar structural obstacles.

2. It is used to cut and open windows of various brands of anti-theft doors. The reliable size of the windows is 100cm × 45cm.

3. It is easy to operate, fast to install and not affected by the environment and climate. No damage to commandos, little damage to hostages.

Main components:

1. Shaped energy cutting parts

2. Detonation transmission system

3. Protective device

Workmanship and materials:

The whole set of device is composed of energy gathering cutting cable, energy absorption protective sleeve, detonation system and other auxiliary parts. The concentrated energy cutting cable is the core part of the whole device, which is the working element to realize the fast opening of the channel; the energy absorbing protective sleeve plays the role of weakening the explosion hazard, so as to enhance the safety in the use process; the initiation system and other auxiliary parts ensure the convenient and quick use of the device.

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