Technical parameter

1. Control: the electric control manipulator can be opened and closed, the front manipulator can rotate 360 degrees manually, and the height of the bracket with universal wheel can be adjusted. Electric grab, safe and reliable, toggle switch to complete grab / transfer action; stable speed, high safety; adjustable hand angle, can be extended into explosion-proof tank;

2. Quick assembly: assembly type, easy to carry / assemble, complete the assembly in 5 minutes;

3. Light weight: only 10kg for the detonating rod; only 25kg for the equipment with battery as counterweight;

4. Large clamping force: high strength lightweight carbon fiber material can be used to hold about 15kg of weight (3.5kg for similar products);

5. Length: up to 4.2 meters, greatly ensuring the personal safety of explosive personnel;

6. Power supply: built in high efficiency rechargeable battery, can work continuously for 3 hours;

7. Vision system: 420 line high-resolution CCD camera and LCD screen, the operator can observe and dispose objects at any time, the front-end infrared camera can be operated at night; the LCD screen has the function of anti glare, which is convenient and reliable for outdoor operation and disposal of explosives in strong light.

8、 Weight of mechanical rod: 10kg

9. Battery weight: 6kg

10. Total length: 4.2m

11. Grip force: ≥ 15kg

12. Continuous working time: 3 hours

13、 Manipulator rotation: 3600

14. Manipulator up and down angle: 1800

15. Camera resolution: 420 lines

16. Display: LED

17. Material of mechanical rod: carbon fiber

18. Assembly time: ≤ 5 minutes

19. Executive standard: our company issues product quality inspection certificate.

Workmanship and materials

The detonating rod is a kind of super light and super strength detonating equipment. Its main function is that the detonating personnel use the detonating rod to transfer the explosives safely or transfer them to the detonating tank for blasting. A complete set of electric explosion removing manipulator includes manipulator, manipulator, battery box and control device; the manipulator is made of carbon fiber hollow arm, which is fixed at one end of the manipulator and battery counterweight is used at the other end of the manipulator. The long arm is equipped with a strap, which can be slung on the shoulder. Its main features are that the length of the mechanical pole can reach up to 4.2 meters, the weight of the grab can reach up to 15 kg, all the joints are aviation plug-in joints, and the lines are all built-in to ensure the safety of dangerous site disposal, easy to carry, and fast installation. It only needs a skilled and skilled explosive remover to install the explosive rod in 5 minutes to conduct explosive discharge. The hand grasping part can be rotated manually, and can grasp objects from different directions.

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