Parameter configuration and performance description:

3.1. Transmission frequency: 15-5800mhz

3.2 transmitting power: ≥ 100W

3.3 output channels: 8

3.4 sealing distance: air target ≥ 1000m, ground target ≥ 30m (when the field strength is - 73db);

3.5 beam width: 60 degrees horizontally / vertically;

3.6 working hours: 60 minutes for air targets and 30 minutes for ground targets;

3.7. Battery capacity: ≤ 40ah

3.8. Backpack size: 498 × 356 × 220, handheld size: 490 × 228 × 105

3.9. Backpack material: PP resin

3.10. Total weight: ≤ 14 kg

3.11 working environment: - 20 degrees to + 55 degrees

3.12 executive standard: in accordance with the requirements of GA / T 1169-2014 technical specification for electronic sealing and control equipment, our company provides test reports issued by the national security alarm system product quality supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing) and the security and police electronic product quality inspection center of the Ministry of public security.

Product Description:

4.1 principle: instantaneous white noise technology + frequency scanning mode, which can form electromagnetic shielding wall in time and frequency domain at the same time, shielding analog and digital wireless remote control devices;

4.2 interference targets include toy remote control, car remote control, FM radio, wireless data transmission, wireless control, walkie talkie, GSM mobile phone, CDMA mobile phone, 3G mobile phone, 4G mobile phone, WiFi, Bluetooth, BPM, PHS, UAV, etc;

4.3. Composition: electronic sealed backpack, hand-held transmitter;

4.4 design: backpack design, long distance carrying;

4.5 structure: integrated design, built-in modules and batteries;

4.6. Functions: ground detonation, air drone forced landing / drive off;

4.7. Electronic sealing distance: 1000m for air target and 30-50m for ground target (field strength is - 73db);

4.8 operation: one key switch, free selection of ground and air (forced landing / drive away) modes;

Workmanship and materials:

This product is mainly used for the disposal and transfer of explosives on the ground, and can be used for forced landing or drive away of UAV suspected of carrying explosives from a long distance. After landing, it can guarantee the safety of personnel when explosives are discharged or transferred on site. The equipment can cut off the wireless communication between the remote controller and the explosives through the electromagnetic wave interference sealing control, which can force the UAV to return or land, also can interfere with the communication between the target suspects, and can be used as the security equipment for the accompanying safety of the important people and the large-scale conference activity site.

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