Parameter configuration and performance description:

1. Total weight 42kg

2. Dimension: length: 200 × width: 70 × height: 15cm

3 storage size: length 109 × width 84 × height 60cm

4. Water speed (maximum) 30.4 km / h

5. Power (kw) 8kw

6. Remote control distance 2600m

7. Manned buoyancy: 160kg

8 forward thrust on water 25 kg

9 deployment inflation time 20 seconds

10 driving power: lithium ion charging power

11. Battery continuous working time (minutes) ≥ 120 minutes

12 number of handle: 8, one person can lie on the platform of water rescue robot

13. Supporting safety equipment: 2 sets of life jackets and 1 set of tows

14. Remote control waterproof grade: IP68

15 structure: split structure,

A: Power House + B: inflatable air bag of hull + C: composition of intelligent control handle

A: The power house is made of fiberglass

B: The air bag is made of anti cutting and anti-corrosion material, with anti cutting and anti-corrosion performance,

C: The intelligent control handle is waterproof, which can be used continuously for 30 minutes without water in the depth of one meter

16 executive standard: provide the test report provided by Wuhan ship lifesaving equipment quality inspection and test center.


1. Portable and fast:

It adopts the artificial inflation type, which is stored and transported in the pull rod towing box, and can be carried by one person, and can be expanded rapidly, and the inflation expansion time is about 20 seconds;

2. Strong power:

Driven by electric power, the power is 8kw, the thrust is 25kg, the speed is up to 30km / h, which is more than 10 times of that of the lifeguard, and it can resist the wind and waves in the flood and torrential current and move forward quickly; the turning is agile and the turning radius is 2.8m

3 sufficient buoyancy:

With a buoyancy of 160 kg, it can carry two people to move for rescue or at the same time carry up to 8 people to wait for rescue;

4 waterproof safety:

The remote control with independent intellectual property has excellent waterproof performance, and rescue workers can carry the remote control to water for rescue;

5 remote control distance:

The remote control distance of the hull can reach 2600 meters at most;

6 long working hours

Continuous working time of large capacity lithium battery ≥ 120 minutes.

Workmanship and materials:

1. This water robot is suitable for shoals, lakes, reservoirs and other waters

2. Its advantage is light (a lifeguard can run to the scene quickly by pulling, and put into use quickly after arriving at the scene. After use, it can be easily and simply maintained and put into use quickly next time.)

3. The way of storage and transportation is to put it in a pull rod towing box, which can be carried by one person for 20 seconds; the speed of the rescue robot can be as fast as 30 km / h, which is more than 10 times as fast as that of the lifeguard, and it can turn stably in the waves and travel against the wind and waves; the robot can rescue 7 people who are in the water at the same time, and the people who are in the water can grasp the handle on both sides of it, and lie on it waiting for rescue or The robot can pull the lifebuoy, rubber boat and floating rope. The robot can return to the shore and plan the route in a wide water area,

4. Multiple robots can be combined online and side by side for rescue. According to the user's requirements, it can also choose to carry life jackets, safety helmets, waterproof walkie talkies, strong light search and rescue lights, waterproof cameras, floating ropes and other safety equipment,

5. The robot has passed the inspection of CCS ship life saving equipment quality inspection and test center.

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