Technical parameters:

The product is composed of road traffic hazard warning light, bracket and retractable box.

The red and blue double-layer LED lamp barrel is composed of two lights flashing at the same time, and the red and blue two lights alternately exploding and flashing. The ultra-high brightness LED lamp beads are used to form a cylindrical light source, which can be charged by the city electricity and vehicle. The lamp barrel is made of special PC light transmitting material. The lamp body can be used by hand alone or fixed on the tripod.

Quality: 1.32kg

Size: lamp body size: 300 * 129mm; single layer lamp barrel (light-emitting part) size: 129 * 74mm

Bracket: folding height: 550mm; maximum opening height: 1640mm

Accessories: 220V mains charging adapter, one for each car charging adapter

Warning distance: alternating red and blue light can be seen at 500m.

Executive Standards: GA / t414-2003 road traffic hazard warning light and Q / rd55-2018 road traffic hazard warning light

★ this product provides the test report issued by the test and test center of the Institute of weaponry and equipment of China weaponry and equipment group and the quality supervision and test center of special products of China weaponry and equipment.

★ Test No.: BJZ [2018] No. 0620

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Powered by: www.300.cn

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