Long distance warning information screen - it is used for temporary management settings on the road. The content of self luminous display screen can be changed at will according to the actual situation. The warning board reflects high-intensity reflective characters and warning symbols, especially suitable for use in bad weather conditions and at night. It can be combined with warning lights, which are placed on the side of the road in front of the traffic law enforcement site and the accident site as warning signs to remind the vehicle to slow down and pass the accident site or stop driving slowly according to the speed limit value.

Product parameters:

1: development dimension: 1440 * 840 * 475mm

2: shrinkage size: 590 * 840 * 55mm

3: speed limit plate size: 390 * 390mm

4: guide plate size: 660 * 415mm

5: the warning distance of light reflection at night is more than 500m

6: display size: 670 * 445mm

7: display working time: 15 hours

8: warning light working time: 60 hours

9: display and warning light are powered by built-in lithium battery

10: windproof grade: Grade 8

11: operating weight: 15kg

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