Technical parameters:

1. Product specification: 58 × 43cm

2. Color: Orange

3. Buoyancy: adults with buoyancy capacity of about 70-80kg

4, material: polyethylene foam, high quality light floatation material, lifejacket cloth is waterproof special material, can effectively waterproof, can increase the buoyancy of life vest in water.

5. Features: high temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance. This product is suitable for use on offshore fishing boats and any vessels in inland rivers. Product performance:

1, the life jacket should be specially designed for flood prevention, disaster relief and disaster relief. It is made of vest fabric and chemical fiber cloth. Closed cell foam plastics are used as buoyancy materials, with uniform foaming and uniform pore size, no decomposition and cracking, and physical and chemical properties meet national standards.

2. Color: Orange lifejacket; buoyancy≥73.5N; 1 whistle sewn on the chest; reflective material ≥ 200C ㎡ in front and back.

3. Performance: the strength of the shoulder and strap of the lifejacket is ≥882N, The wearer jumps into the water and the lifejacket will not be damaged or displaced. The head is out of the water, the body is vertical to the water or tilted backward, the wearer swims over 25m in the water, and can climb a rigid platform 30 cm above the water.




Technical parameters:

1. Product specification: 58 × 43cm;

2. Lifejackets are in accordance with the requirements of IMO MSC.200(80) and MSC.207(81);

3. And national GB4303-2008 standard design and manufacture;

4. The buoyancy is greater than 147 N;

5. The weight is less than 0.9kg;

6. Size 560 * 340 * 140mm;

7. Executive standard: relevant technical standard requirements of MSC.81(70)

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