Technical parameters:

1. Rated voltage: DC11.1V

2. Rated capacity: 4400mAh

3. Rated power (LED): 3 × 3W

4. Light source (LED): average service life ≥ 100000h

5. Continuous discharge time: 9h (strong light) / 18h (working light) / 36h (stroboscopic)

6. Charging time: 6h (after normal use) / 8h (after battery exhaustion)

7. Battery life: ≥ 1000 (cycle)

8. Boundary dimension: 68 × 161mm (diameter × length)

9. Weight: 0.9kg

10. Enclosure protection grade: IP68 (100m)

Structural features:

1. The explosion-proof type has the highest explosion-proof level and can work safely in various inflammable and explosive places.

2. Adopt solid-state maintenance free LED light source, with high light efficiency, good focus and average service life up to 100000 hours; add frequency flash function on the basis of lighting function, which can be used for remote signal indication

3. It has three kinds of light design: working light, strong light and stroboscopic light. Pressing the button once is strong light, pressing the button twice is working light, and long pressing for 3 seconds without moving is frequent flash. Hidden frequency flash design plays the role of protection switch.

4. The user-friendly power indication and low-voltage warning function design can query the battery power at any time; when 90% of the power is used, the lamp switch turns from green to red, and the lamp will automatically flash, indicating that the power can be used for half an hour.

5. High energy memoryless lithium battery, large capacity, no pollution, excellent charge discharge performance, low self discharge rate.

6. The shell is made of imported high hardness alloy material, which has high resistance to strong impact and impact; it has good sealing performance and can work normally under 100 meters water for a long time.

7. It has beautiful appearance, small size and light weight. It can be carried by hand, shoulder and other means, which is convenient to carry.

8. Cold white and warm white light sources with different color temperature can be selected by users according to actual needs.

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