Technical parameters:

1. Rated voltage: 220V

light source

1. Working voltage: 220V

2. Lamp head power: 4 × 500W

3. Luminous flux of lamp head: 10000lm

4. Average service life: 3000h

5. Continuous working time

6. Municipal power supply: long time h

7. Once the generator set is filled with fuel oil: 13h

Telescopic rod

1. Minimum height: 1800mm

2. Maximum lifting height: 4500mm

Generator Set

1. Lifting time: 30s

2. Rated output voltage: 220V

3. Rated output power / rated capacity of fuel tank: 2000 / 15 W / L

4. Boundary dimension: length 1300mm * width 500mm * height 800mm


1. Lamp panel: 8kg

2. Expansion cylinder: 8kg

3. Generator set: 45kg

Performance characteristics

1. Lamp head configuration: it is composed of four 500W high-efficiency and energy-saving Philips brand lamp heads. Each lamp head can be adjusted up and down, left and right to achieve 360 ° omni-directional lighting according to the needs of the site. The lamp heads can also be evenly distributed in four different directions on the lamp panel. If four lamp heads are required to be illuminated in the same direction, the lamp panel can be turned to the opening as a whole according to the required lighting angle and direction Turn to within 250 °; give consideration to the distance and proximity of the overall lighting, with high brightness and wide range

2. Irradiation range: three expansion cylinders are selected as the lifting adjustment mode, with the maximum lifting height of 4.5m; the beam irradiation angle can be adjusted by turning the lamp head up and down, and the light coverage radius reaches 45-65m.

3. Lighting time: it can be directly powered by the generator set, or it can be powered by the 220 V mains power for a long time; it can be powered by the generator set for a continuous working time of up to 13 hours with full fuel at a time.

4. Convenient operation: each lamp can be turned on and off within 50m by wireless remote control, and the lifting and lowering of telescopic air rod can be quickly controlled by using electric or manual air pump.

5. Suitable place: the lamp panel, air cylinder and generator set are of integral structure, and the bottom of generator set is equipped with universal wheel, which can operate on the uneven road surface. Rail wheel can be installed according to customer's demand, which is convenient to run on the rail

6. Service environment: it is made of high-quality imported metal materials, compact in structure and stable in performance, ensuring normal operation in all kinds of harsh environment and climate conditions, with 8 levels of rain proof, water spray and wind resistance.




Technical parameters:

1. Rated voltage: 24V

2. Rated capacity: 20Ah

LED bulb

1. Working voltage: 18V

2. Rated power: 30W

3. Luminous flux: 3600lm

4. Average service life: 10000h

Continuous discharge time

1. Strong light: 15h

2. Working light: 30h

Charging time

1. After normal use: 10h

2. When the battery is exhausted: ≤ 12h

3. Battery life: About 1000h

4. Boundary dimension: 219 L * 248 w * 648mm H

5. Weight: ≤ 21.2kg

Performance characteristics

1. 10 international best LED light sources are used in series and parallel, with high luminous efficiency, long service life of 100000 hours, ultra-low power consumption, continuous lighting for more than 15 hours and working light of 30 hours, fully meeting the needs of all kinds of working hours.

The high-energy memoryless battery can be charged at any time. Within half a year after a charge, the storage capacity shall not be less than 85% of the full capacity, and an over discharge protection circuit is provided to reliably protect and extend the service life of the battery.

2. The lamp head can be fixed on the lamp body or other supports, and can also be easily removed for hand-held use. The unique lamp head structure design can adjust the irradiation angle at will, and can be fixed on the air pressure lifting frame within the height range of 1.15-1.55m. The lifting rod and battery box are of one-piece structure, which is convenient and flexible to use. The bottom of the lamp body is equipped with wheels for easy movement, and can be on the flat ground Easily move the lamp body position;

3. The fully sealed process design can work normally in the rainstorm environment, and the special alloy shell can withstand strong impact and impact.

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